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Our products will be available at dispensaries throughout Maryland. A complete list of locations that carry our products will be available on our website. If you own a dispensary please contact our team today!

In our 45,000 square foot, state of the art facility in Frederick, Maryland we cultivate 21 strains of high quality medical cannabis in a wide variety of cannabinoid profiles. Our products are laboratory tested and held to the highest standards. Look for our products at your local dispensary and experience the gLeaf difference today!


Green Leaf produces more than 30 strains of high quality, pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis.


We have included the top ten frequently asked questions.

1When will product be available?
We are planning to begin supplying Dispensaries and Processors beginning in mid to late November.
2Do you sell from your facility?
No. All gLeaf products will only be available to patients through a state-licensed dispensary.
3What's the difference between a grower and processor?
A grower like Green Leaf simply grows medical cannabis which will either be sold as to a dispensary or to a processor. A processor gets plant material from growers and processes that into various forms (oils, balms, tinctures, etc)
4What is the difference between CBD and THC?
Both CBD and THC are Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. When you ingest THC and CBD, the THC directly stimulates CB1 receptors, while the CBD acts as a modulating influence on the THC. THC is psychoactive while CBD is non-psychoactive.
5Where can I buy gLeaf product?
We will be working with various dispensaries around the state. At any given time, it’s difficult to say which ones. Your best bet would be to call your local dispensary and ask.
6What varieties (strains) will you be growing?
Green Leaf Medical plans to cultivate the following strains: Blue Dream, Blueberry Skunk, Bruce Banner, Sour Diesel, Extreme Oranges, Gorilla Glue, Grease Monkey, Cookies and Cream, Queen Og, Stardawg, Jilly Bean, Honey Banana, Orange Cream, Skittles, Presidential Kush, Ghost Train Haze, Tahoe Alien, Bordello, Bear Dance, Clementine, R4 and AC/DC.
7Would it be possible to tour gLeaf’s grow facility
We have taken many precautions to help ensure that we do not allow any pests or contaminates into the facility. At this time we are not allowing the public to tour our facility.
8Where can I find a doctor?
There are more than 200 physicians registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. The list is not yet public. We recommend talking to your physician to determine if he or she is registered. There are several physicians setting up offices to serve Medical Cannabis patients in Maryland. Please see for a location near you.
9How do I register to become a patient?
Please visit and click on "Patients". There is a brief form you must complete to be placed on the registry. Once you have received your patient id number you may visit a participating physician to receive your recommendation.
10I have other questions.
Please use the contact form on our website to reach out to our team.

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