Green Leaf Medical, LLC

Green Leaf Medical, LLC

gLeaf medical cannabis dispensary in Rockville, MD.

People are becoming more aware of the healing properties of cannabis. This led Green Leaf medical to open the best dispensary in Rockville, MD.  We sell marijuana and related products to those that have a Maryland medical marijuana card.  In addition to having a physical marijuana dispensary in Rockville, MD., Green Leaf also offers weed delivery in Rockville, MD. 

People often ask how eating and drinking foods that contain marijuana (edibles) are different from smoking marijuana? Ingesting cannabis means the body processes it differently and its impact can vary. We suggest trying small amounts to start until you get comfortable.  gLeaf cannabis products contain various amounts of THC, which is the part of cannabis that affects you mentally.  Lower THC marijuana can also be a great option for medicinal treatment. There are many different kinds of products that are sold at gLeaf dispensary, so please come visit to learn more.  

Common Questions:

Q: What are marijuana based products?

A: Marijuana-based products are products that have been derived from the cannabis plant. They can offer various benefits or effects on your health, depending on the product you use and how you take it. For example, you can take a candy that has been made with cannabis extract. 

Q: Can you get high off marijuana?

A: Yes, smoking marijuana causes many people to experience a so-called “high.” However, this does not happen to everybody that uses marijuana. For some people, the high is very weak or does not affect them at all. It also depends on the type of marijuana you use, and how much you smoke.

Q: How much does marijuana cost?

A: The cost of marijuana depends on the type that you buy.  Our dispensary sells different strains of marijuana. Marijuana is generally sold by weight, so the greater the quantity you buy, the more it costs. 

Green Leaf dispensary stocks a wide range of medical marijuana products to suit all different kinds of needs. Whether you are looking for edibles or CBD oil, Green Leaf has something to offer you. All the cannabis products sold at Green Leaf are the highest quality, and the range of products sold in the shop is outstanding.